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Rules- The Spandan Debate 2017

Date: 31st August 2017, 10:00 AM

1) Candidates who have pre-registered for the debate as on 27th August 2017 only are eligible to participate in the same.
2) There will be two topics for the prelims. Teams have been allotted topics based on the order of registration. Where both the teammates have registered, only the first entry has been considered. The sheet with teams and the topic allotted has been attached. No request for switch in topics shall be entertained. The speaking order will be decided by lots at the venue. Candidates are therefore advised to report 15 minutes before the event commencement.

3) The prelims will be team-wise with one person speaking for the motion, and the other against. Each speaker gets 4 minutes to make their case. A warning bell will be sounded at three and a half minutes. Speakers exceeding the time limit shall be penalised. At the end of all speeches, each speaker from the beginning gets a minute on stage to rebut what his opponents have said, and one minute to field questions from the judges.

4) The participants will be judged on Content (knowledge about facts), Argument (logic, presentation of argument), Language (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary), Delivery (style, persuasiveness, body language, rhetoric), and Rebuttal.

5) Finals will be British Parliamentary Format. The topic will be released an hour before the finals.

1. Spandan Registration is mandatory for all events except The Jipmer Open Quiz.
2. More events may be added under Literary & Debating. Delegates are requested to check for updates on the Spandan and Jipmer L&D Facebook pages.

In case of queries,
Christie: +91 8608686975